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South Hampton Roads and Western Tidewater are at risk of losing services including Home Delivered Meals for homebound older adults, Transportation Services to Medical Appointments, including dialysis treatments, and support for adult day care programs.

You can help! A simple call to your State Legislators will make all the difference. Ask them to support Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia for essential funding so that those older adults who are currently receiving these life-sustaining supports will not lose them.

Please CALL NOW, we need your help!

STATUS REPORT: House and Senate Floor

ACTION: Tell members of the Senate & House  to vote YES!

VOTE YES! SB800 Item 331 #1s (Senate)

VOTE YES! HB1400 331 #1h (House)

Unsure of your district? Click here and enter your address to find your legislators.


House of Delegates
District Area First Name Last Name District Phone Email
Norfolk (part), Virginia Beach (part) Tim Anderson 83 757-834-4758
Norfolk (part), Virginia Beach (part) Robert Bloxom, Jr. 100 757-824-3456
IOW (part), Suffolk (part) Emily Brewer 64 757-239-1213
Chesapeake (part), Virginia Beach(part) Kelly Convirs-Fowler 21 757-364-8428
Virginia Beach (part) Glenn R., Jr. Davis 84 757-802-4982
Norfolk (part) Jackie Hope Glass 89 804-698-1089
Norfolk (part) Angelia Williams-Graves 90 757-524-4941
Virginia Beach (part) Karen Greenhalgh 85 804-698-1085
Virginia Beach (part) Anne Tata 82 757-213-5193
Chesapeake (part) Cliff Hayes 77 757-364-0272
Chesapeake (part), Norfolk (part), Portsmouth (part) Nadarius Clark 79 757-834-4758
Chesapeake (part), Suffolk (part) Clinton Jenkins 76 757-809-0214
Chesapeake (part), Virginia Beach (part) Barry Knight 81 757-426-6387
Chesapeake (part) Jay Leftwich 78  757-382-4156
Portsmouth (part) Don (Scotty) Scott 80 757-966-5086
Franklin (part), Southampton Ct. (part) Howard Wachsmann 75 804-698-1075
District Area First Name Last Name District Phone Email
Suffolk (part) Monty Mason 1 757-229-9310
Portsmouth (part) Maimie Locke 2 757-825-5880
IOW (part), Suffolk (part) Thomas Norment 3 757-259-7810
Chesapeake (part), Norfolk (part), Suffolk (part) Lionell Spruill 5 757-424-2178
Norfolk (part), Virginia Beach (part) Lynwood Lewis 6 804-698-7506
Norfolk (part), Virginia Beach (part) Jen Kiggans 7 757-990-3080
Virginia Beach (part) Bill DeSteph 8 757-321-8180
Ches. (part), Franklin (part), IOW (part), Ports. (part), Southampton (part), VB (part) John Cosgrove 14 757-547-3422
Ches. (part), Franklin (part), IOW (part), Ports. (part), Southampton (part) Louise Lucas 18 757-397-8209


Our impact makes a difference!