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Healthy Holidays
Healthy Holidays
Enjoy a Healthy Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, and so are the special events, parties, family dinners, and celebrations with all the rich, high-calorie holiday foods.  Food is everywhere during the holiday season, starting with Halloween all the way through to New Year’s.  It’s easy to get caught up in the celebrating and pack on two or three pounds, leading to feelings of guilt and a negative self-image.  In the end, this happy time of year can become a stressful time where food is the enemy.  Read on for a few tips to help you enjoy a healthy holiday season.

 The holiday season is probably not the best time to try to lose weight, so maintaining your weight might be a more realistic goal.  The number one tip is to plan ahead.  Don’t skip meals so that you can eat more at a holiday event.  This usually backfires, because you arrive starving and end up overeating.  Eat healthy balanced meals before you go with plenty of fruits and vegetables; their fiber will help satisfy your hunger. Stay active.  Continue your regular exercise, if possible, or consider going for a walk with other party guests as an active way to spend time together

 Using a smaller plate is a great trick that will help you put less food on your plate, encouraging proper portion sizes.  Start by filling your plate with vegetables and salad before getting entrees and desserts.  Eat slowly and savor every bite, and wait at least 10 minutes before going for seconds to see if you are still hungry.  Enjoy dessert, but don’t go overboard.  Be picky, and choose a small serving of the desserts you really love.

 You may want to visualize yourself at your upcoming event and how you will respond if someone pressures you to eat more.  Saying “No, thank you,” might be tough for you, but you don’t have to overeat to make others happy. Try sitting or standing away from the food table so that you can focus more on the people at the event than on the food.  Above all, lose the guilt, and really enjoy the special people and traditions that make the holiday season a magical time of year.

Kirsten Romero
Kirsten Romero
Kirsten Romero, MS, RDN, is a registered dietitian with the wellness program at Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia.
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