Volunteer Spotlight: Bobby Flournoy

Volunteer Spotlight: Bobby Flournoy

Bobby Flournoy is Senior Services’ youngest Senior Companion.  In fact, he was too young to volunteer when he initially learned of the program and had to wait until his 55th birthday before volunteering. He’s been a companion since 2017.

Bobby became interested in helping others after taking care of his sick mother prior to her passing away. “I realized I enjoyed helping and making an immediate difference in someone’s life,” he says.

Bobby’s youthfulness serves him well in his role. “I like to make my clients laugh a lot,,” says Bobby. “We talk a lot, even while watching TV.”

And he does not mind transporting and accompanying his clients to appointments. “I’m willing to drive them as far as my old car will take them,” Bobby tells us. “Prior to the pandemic, I took my client to the recreation center for water exercises 3 times a week.”

Compassion is a trait that makes people like Bobby well-suited for this program. “While assigned to a hospice client, the client became emotionally distressed. I was able to provide support by listening and holding his hand. By the time his wife arrived, we were humming gospel songs.”

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