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History Lesson: Hayden High School

From 1953 until 1970 Hayden High School was the only place for African American high schoolers to get an education – despite the ending of segregated schools in 1954. The school was named for education pioneer Della Hayden, daughter of a freed slave who graduated from Hampton Institute, taught in Franklin public schools for years before going on to become the first female principal at State Normal School (now Virginia State University); returned to Franklin and ultimately founded a small boarding school for Black girls, where she served as principal until her death in 1924.  Living up to the rich history of its namesake, Hayden High School graduated some of the most prominent African Americans in Franklin. The building was approved in December 2012 for listing in the Virginia Landmarks Register by the Board of Historic Resources and was placed on the National Park Service National Register of Historic Places in 2013. On the next Another View, we’ll talk about the history of Hayden High, its legacy and plans for the future with Dr. Alvin Harris with the Hayden Group, and John Skirven, former CEO, Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia.

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