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Watch all 3 episodes here:

Episode 1: Health, Wellness, and Legal Aspects of the Pandemic

  • Vision Health As We Age | Presented by Dr. Alan Wagner, MD, FACS, FICS, Wagner Macula & Retina Center
  • Movement Matters! Easy Dance Exercises | Presented by Carolyn Harper, Zumba Instructor
  • Stimulus Payments Belong to You, Not the Nursing Home | Presented by Emily A. Martin, Esq. Hook Law

Episode 2: Brain Health, Medicare Benefits, Healthy Movement, and Nutritious Recipes

  • Six Pillars of Brain Health | Presented by Philisa Johnson, Associate State Director – Community Outreach, AARP Virginia
  • Get Up On Your Feet or In Your Seat – Moving to stay healthy | Presented by Crystal Bynum & Mary Noonan, Evidence-Based Wellness Team, Senior Services
  • Age Has Its Benefits — Know Yours. Navigating Medicare ahead of Open Enrollment | Presented by Bonnie Dozier, Medicare Benefits Team Leader, Senior Services
  • Cooking from My Pantry: No-Bake Peanut Butter Quinoa Bars | Presented by Kirsten Romero, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Senior Services

Episode 3: Life Transitions and Housing, Genealogy, and Salsa Lessons

  • House Rules – Keep Yourself Safe And Secure. Life transition and housing issues | Presented by Harvey E. Chambers, CSA, Community Relations Consultant, Anthem Virginia, and Kelly Evans, Housing Outreach Specialist, Anthem Healthkeepers
  • Genealogy 101 | Presented by Robin Barton, Senior Companion Program Coordinator, Senior Services
  • Why Sit When You Can Salsa? | Presented by Marquita Bianca, Owner and Director, Baila Fuzion Dance and Creative Arts Center