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Volunteer Corner
Volunteer Corner
Senior Services of SEVA loves engaging our volunteers!

Senior Services is using a new software tool to engage volunteers and increase agency volunteer engagement!  Better Impact software helps Senior Services’ volunteers gain more knowledge of the organization while becoming more connected with the volunteer opportunities available.

 How do I use this new software?

 Change can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. The fastest way to get help using the Better Impact Help link when you login to your profile. This can be found in the right corner of your profile next to the words Home – Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia or in the News section of your profile. There is a link highlighted in blue that says Help Me. These will both open a new window with videos of how to approach a problem you may be having. If these do not answer your questions, you can either contact Kelley Russo at

 Additionally, a training will be available for volunteers who wish to attend. The training will cover how to fill out the application, create a profile, and see upcoming opportunities they can sign up for throughout the entire agency. Volunteers will be able to log service hours, create reports, and give feedback on their experiences through their smartphones or online! Please email Kelley or sign up for the activity through your volunteer portal.

 What if I don’t want to use this new tool or I don’t have access to a computer to manage my profile?

 That’s ok! While we encourage all volunteers to give this a try, we still want you to volunteer with us and we will manage your profile if you don’t want to or don’t have access to do so. If you change your mind and want to log in later, you can!

 Alright, I’m interested. What’s next?

 Great! Your next steps are to either fill out an application if you would like to become a volunteer at Senior Services or login to your profile. On the Volunteer Portal homepage you can see a section called “I would like to volunteer” on the right. This has a link to fill out an application in green and underneath a place for current volunteers to login. Once you login to Your Volunteer Page you can look at the upcoming orientations and sign up for opportunities to volunteer at Senior Services! 

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