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Do you have extra time on your hands?

Senior Services can match you with the perfect volunteer opportunity!

Current opportunities . . .

Senior Companion Volunteers (Virginia Beach and Chesapeake):

Senior Companions are part of the National Senior Corps program, a Federally-funded, stipend-paid, "friends-helping-friends" volunteer program. Senior Companion volunteers, ages 55+ are partnered with other senior adults who simply need companionship and a helping hand. Volunteers are matched with clients who live right in their own communities.

Volunteers must be age 55+ and retired, and must successfully pass a thorough criminal background check, as well as a wellness screening to include a Tuberculosis test from your own physician prior to acceptance into the program.

Senior Advocate Ombudsman Volunteers:

Ombudsman volunteers are trained to make weekly visits to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other long-term care facilities, working closely with residents and their family members, advocating on their behalf to ensure that resident's rights are being protected. Volunteers undergo an in-depth three-day training session before going out to work in the field. At the present time, volunteers are needed to work in all Hampton Roads' cities. For more information and to register for the next training, call Willie Alston at 757-461-9481, ext. 114.

For information on other volunteer opportunities, call 757-461-9481.

I Want to Volunteer

Are you looking for a meaningful way to give back to your community but just don’t know where to start? Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia has a variety of opportunities for volunteers in Western Tidewater and the Hampton Roads Metro area.

To learn about the various Senior Services volunteer opportunities, click on the opportunity links below.


Wellness Department Volunteer Job Descriptions


Volunteer Cook
Volunteer Delivery Driver
Volunteer Assistant Driver
Volunteer Dietician

After reviewing the options, if you are not sure what area of volunteerism is best fit for you, we can help. Tell us about yourself by completing our online volunteer application. Our volunteer assistant will carefully review your information and then give you a call back to discuss what might be the best fit for you.

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SSSEVA is a United Way PartnerChoose to help seniors in the Hampton Roads community when you give to the United Way at work. Write in Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia on your United Way “Combined Charities Campaign” form; #5065 on your “Commonwealth of Virginia” campaign form; or #47980 on your “Combined Federal Campaign” form.