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The Center for Aging (CFA) Affiliates Program

The CFA Affiliates program has a unique and significant role, bringing faith-based and community organizations together to strengthen and enhance outreach. The CFA Affiliates are one-stop resource locations, providing information to seniors, people with disabilities and their family members. They receive access to programs, services and information about wellness and community-based, long-term care services and resources in their own neighborhoods. The diverse population served by these affiliates include: African American, Caucasian, Chinese, Filipino, Hispanic and Korean, among others. Over 85+ faith-based and community organizations in South Hampton Roads are affiliate partners in the program with over 230+ CFA Affiliate volunteers serving as community ambassadors who are trained to provide information and facilitate referrals throughout South Hampton Roads.

Faith-based and other community organizations who are interested in learning more about this unique volunteer initiative should contact the director of development, Debbie Schwartz at 757-461-9481.

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