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Senior Companion Program

"Senior companions do what friends do for friends!" Do you know of someone who needs a friend? Senior Services administers a Senior Companion Program (SCP) that partners senior volunteers with adults living independently, in need of companionship and a helping hand. In addition to paying a friendly visit, the companions often perform a variety of tasks, such as shopping for groceries, writing a letter or fixing a light meal. In some cases, the senior companion plays a vital role in the life of their client, providing a

much-needed link from the community to that home. If you need this service, know of someone who could benefit, or are interested in becoming a Senior Companion volunteer, call the Senior Companion Coordinator at (757) 461-9481, ext. 229.

No fee: This service is free to those who need assistance.

The Senior Companion Program receives support from the United Way of South Hampton Roads.



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SSSEVA is a United Way PartnerChoose to help seniors in the Hampton Roads community when you give to the United Way at work. Write in Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia on your United Way “Combined Charities Campaign” form; #5065 on your “Commonwealth of Virginia” campaign form; or #47980 on your “Combined Federal Campaign” form.