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Senior Services wants to ensure that you and your family are safe during the upcoming storm. Here is a list of hurricane readiness resources.
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Programs & Services

Senior Services is here to help!

Growing old brings many blessings as well as many challenges. Senior Services offers a wide array of programs and services designed to help senior adults and their caregiver families deal with some of those challenges. After all, at Senior Services, we are dedicated to helping older Virginians live independently.

One call to a Senior Services Resource Specialist will get you the help you need. After carefully assessing your individual needs and financial situation, the Resource Specialist will connect you to a Senior Services’ care coordinator who can arrange for appropriate services. Often there is more than one issue to be resolved – and the solution to the first may affect the others. Our experienced staff will work together to coordinate a customized plan of care. If Senior Services staff can’t directly provide you with a specific service, they’ll provide you with a referral to a reputable partner agency who can best respond to your needs.

Click on a link below for more information, or call 757-461-9481 to speak to a Resource Specialist!

Care Transitions
Home-Delivered Meals
Senior Companion Program
Personal Care
Homemaker Program
Medications Management Program

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SSSEVA is a United Way PartnerChoose to help seniors in the Hampton Roads community when you give to the United Way at work. Write in Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia on your United Way “Combined Charities Campaign” form; #5065 on your “Commonwealth of Virginia” campaign form; or #47980 on your “Combined Federal Campaign” form.