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Regular physical activity increases your stamina and gives you energy to do the things you like.

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Chronic Disease Self management Program

Chronic Disease Self Management Program - Helps participants learn how to better manage their disease in order to live healthier, more independent lives. Program offers small group discussion, problem solving, and how to set small goals. CDSMP helps individuals make lifestyle modifications and learn how to keep one’s chronic condition from ruling one’s life.


To register for the sessions below, or for more information, please call Venisha Lambert at (757) 461-9481 ext. 209.



Chronic Disease Self Management Program


To be announced

Meet Senior Services’ Wellness Program Trainers

Mona Burwell

Cindy Creede

  • Master Trainer for Matter of Balance
  • Master Trainer for Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP)
  • Fitness Instructor - Arthritis Foundation


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