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Livable Communities


Regional Keys [PDF]


Our Mission

We help seniors to live with choice and dignity in their communities.

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Our Vision

South Hampton Roads will become a livable community for all ages.

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Our Goal

To develop and provide comprehensive, coordinated programs that assist seniors, their families and caregivers.

Liveable Communities


Executive Summary
The Hampton Roads Regional Lifelong Planning Partnership is a collaborative effort of public, private and nonprofit organizations from the Hampton Roads area, committed to making this region a place where our senior and disabled population is able to live in affordable and comfortable housing with access to services including transportation and a viable long term care support system.

The purpose of the Partnership is to create a 10 year regional plan that defines public policy, provides practical guidelines; and promotes successful models to increase the region’s capacity to address housing, transportation and access to services in Hampton Roads for seniors and people with disabilities. While pursuing this plan, we will seek to:

  1. Utilize the strengths of other plans throughout the country to ensure that our models, while unique to our region, reflect the lessons and experiences of others.

  2. Encourage local governments and the private sector to take a vested interest in implementing policies and practices that will promote long term care initiatives unique to their particular environment.

  3. Ensure that our region is a place where seniors and people with disabilities can age in place in the community of their choice.

  4. Assess key studies and project key long term care needs (including housing, transportation, and access to service) with a proposed plan of action for responding to current and projected capacity shortages

Over the next three years, the Partnership will engage in an extensive planning process utilizing the following objectives and respective timelines:


Phase I
Organization of the Leadership to construct the format and resource development plan

Objectives Timeline
- Analysis of regional aging plans 4Q 2007
- Draft resource development plan 4Q 2007
- Consensus format/focus groups 1Q 2008
- PRODUCT: Brief white paper of preferred planning model 2Q 2008


Phase II
Analysis of key studies

  • Assemble existing studies; collection and analysis
    of key regional long term care needs:
    • Analysis of housing units
    • Analysis of transportation deficiencies
    • Analysis of service access deficiencies
    • Analysis of workforce gaps
- PRODUCT: Second white paper on key needs for Hampton Roads (2010-2020) 3Q 2008


Phase III
Design Models – Five Focus Groups

  1. Independent Living & Home Ownership
  2. Accessibility and Transportation
  3. Access to Community Based Long Term Care Services
  4. Long Term Care Residential Facilities
  5. Long Term Care Workforce
- PRODUCT: Proposed models from each Focus Group 4Q 2008


Phase IV
Develop regional models and overall plan based upon Focus Group input and proposals

- PRODUCT: Draft regional plan implementation plan 1Q 2009

As a result of this Partnership’s work, we will fundamentally change the way our Region plans for the needs or our senior and disabled population by increasing our overall capacity and ability to provide an effective and efficient infrastructure for long term care and related services.

The ultimate benefit of the Partnership will be the extended independence and improved quality of life for seniors, and people with disabilities.

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SSSEVA is a United Way PartnerChoose to help seniors in the Hampton Roads community when you give to the United Way at work. Write in Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia on your United Way “Combined Charities Campaign” form; #5065 on your “Commonwealth of Virginia” campaign form; or #47980 on your “Combined Federal Campaign” form.